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World Wise Consulting is not just another consulting firm – our employees have actively worked in the trade and provide the training from an operational perspective.


World Wise Consulting Inc. is the forerunner in dealing with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and international trade changes and regulations.

We Specialize in C-TPAT/CTPAT compliance (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), CCSP (Certified Cargo Screening Program), Import Regulations, Trade Regulations, Broker Management and Education, and security mechanisms related to International Trade and importing goods into the United States.

The intricate laws and regulations underscore the importance of adapting to industry changes and to trade policy changes. We are a leader in the international trade regulations consulting industry and can help your company deal with the complexities of trade. We are experts in CBP broker management including licensing and regulatory inspections.




World Wise Consulting can help you make sure you're in compliance with the Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT/C-TPAT)


If you ship by air on passenger aircrafts, you need to find out more about how World Wise Consulting can help you with the TSA & CCSP program and application


From start to finish, see how World Wise Consulting can guide you through the import process and save you time and expense


World Wise Consulting can help you learn how to bring cargo into the US and avoid taxes and fees in certain scenarios 


World Wise Consulting can help you learn how to bring cargo into the US and avoid taxes and fees in certain scenarios 


World Wise Consulting can help you  to maximize efficiency and cost savings with process flow improvement, trainings, consulting, and more






Karma E. Ruiz is a licensed Customs Broker with more than 18 years of field experience in an ample array of Customs issues. Born in Pennsylvania, she received a Bachelors's Degree at the University of Pittsburgh where she studied international business and received certification in Western European Studies and with the Semester at Sea program.

Since 2002, Ms. Ruiz runs a consulting firm, World Wise Consulting, Inc. where she has put to use her extensive experience in clearance processing, duty audits, drawback set-up, compliance programs, security and logistics management, as well as Customs issues and resolutions. This combined knowledge and experience have qualified Ms. Ruiz for the procurement of C-TPAT certifications for the incorporation of the parameters dictated by C-TPAT for security and protection of our international borders. Also, Karma volunteers time to Florida Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarding Association to improve the relationships with Government and Industry. Karma has visited with Congress in the strengthening of its commitment to Florida's trade community.


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7769 NW 48 Street, Suite 340

Miami, FL 33166

Tel: (786) 621-5385

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